One would say that there are bunch of thoughts and subjects I should clarify here: for example, what’s this SUSTAINABILITY BLOG about and what for? Or better would be starting from: what’s THE READER itself, and why then we produce a shared issue together with VOLUME, launching it at VENICE BIENNALE within the Abitare installation Sustainable Dystopias, designed by Boeri Studio?

THE READER is a free-press publishing project, launched in September 2007 by the Italian magazine ABITARE, directed by Stefano Boeri.
It’s nothing new, but just a curated form of literary do-it-yourself tabloid, which built up, month after month, a selected store of information, archiving ideas and concepts, generated by different authors, in different locations, at different times, and in different languages. Not new, but different, we might say.

In this outlook, The Reader explores international, non-specialist publication, both hard copy and on line, as an endless source of information and unusual themes of reflection on design, locations, personalities, events, situations of contemporary leaving.

We have therefore constructed a satellite editorial stag, working individually as active agent for an editorial new special configuration that we wish to develop broadly.
The staff is both readers and editors who read and send us article taken from the local or glocal press, we then reprint critically

We still doubtful about the main key concepts of the project:
exchange of news? Planetary rumors? archive like approach to reality?

For sure our ground zero – or Zero degree of writing – was and still is the notion of “ecology of information”, the need for a critical selection for a shared memory for the present debate.
The need for a ready made critic, which will turn The Reader into The Critic.

We have often try to verify the potential of this process for producing other situations and other stories to be read and remembered. And whatever it sounds like – urban wilderness, after nature, oil or water, radical reuse or escapism, self-sufficiency energy or food system collapsing – SUSTAINABILITY is an issue to be discuss.

Is it possible to achieve energy autonomy? Is it true that kids in Bogotà are happier than those in London because they can play out on the streets? Will we end up without food? In what way can animals teach us to live with the limitations of the planet? What benefits are there in building using recycled materials?…

Let’s design our own sustainability.

Paola Nicolin


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  • This blog functions as a platform for thinking out loud on the evasive concept of 'sustainability’. Volume and Abitare both draw from their own experience and visions in an attempt to reassess what is at stake.
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